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We’re Not Recruiters, We’re Job Facilitators

At AviatorJob our mission is simple – to bring the aviation world together. We help candidates find the right job for them, and employers find the right candidates for their roles. Job searching is never easy – for anyone. As a candidate you can spend fruitless hours searching multiple job boards and private listings to find a role that might suit you. And as an employer, you can expend a great deal of resources seeking out the candidates to fill your specific needs. We can help make that process smoother, easier and an all-around better experience for everyone.

Why Choose AviatorJob?

We’re different. We’re not a recruitment agency. Or an in-house HR department. We’re working for you – whether you’re a candidate or an employer – to solve your staffing or job search needs. We don’t have anyone else to answer to. Just our drive to bring together the right roles and the right candidates at the right time.

What We Give Our Candidates

Registering with AviatorJob gives you access to a curated jobs listing, and an easy-to-use search engine to find the jobs that appeal to you. We provide job tracking tools and application management to ensure that you’re meeting all the requirements to apply for a role. And we’re constantly updating our training options and other resources so you’re at the top of your game for any aviation role.

What We Give Our Employers

Listing your roles with AviatorJob gives you access to an untapped group of qualified aviation candidates worldwide. We help you put together your targeted role listing, and use our industry tools to highlight qualified candidates, saving you time and money on the candidate search. Best of all, we’re here to support you, but you remain in control of the entire process.